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              Expo Hall Overview

              This is where traditions merge with the future of the tea industry. Taste new flavors, discover cutting-edge products, test new technology solutions and be the first to discover the latest trends and products to hit the market on the Expo Floor!

              Expo Hours (2 DAYS ONLY)
              Tuesday, June 29        12:00pm – 6:00pm
              Wednesday, June 30   12:00pm – 5:00pm 

              *Early Buying Hours take place Tuesday from 11am-12pm for Tea Guru / VIP Pass holders only!

              New Specialty Pavilions

              More to do and see in 2021

              New! Tea Bar

              New! Tea Bar

              Sample the latest teas from around the world in this interactive environment.



              Live cooking demos and tastings with world renowned Chefs!

              NXT ('NEXT')

              NXT ('NEXT')

              Magnifying the future of the industry with original tastings and solutions in a non-traditional environment.

              SPORTS BAR

              SPORTS BAR

              Sample the latest beverage trends and learn how incorporating sports to any venue will increase revenue.

              Meet the Exhibitors

              Consider World Tea Conference & Expo your one-stop shop to test, taste and get educated on new ideas for your business.

              • Teas 
              • Teaware/Giftware 
              • Equipment and Supplies 
              • Flavors & Ingredients 
              • Tea Support & Education
              • Herbals/Botanicals
              • CBD Products
              • Foods - packaged 
              • Packaging/Labels, Display Cases 
              • Apparel 
              • Technology/POS, Payment Processing 
              • Sanitation and Hygiene Solutions 
              • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
              • & more
              World Tea Expo

              The World Tea Exhibit Hall Floor Just Got Bigger

              In addition to discovering new tea products on the expo hall floor, explore thousands of innovative products on the co-located Nightclub & Bar Show floor to help compliment your business including:

              • Spirits, Beer and Wine
              • Bar Supplies
              • Alcohol-free Beverages
              • Glassware
              • Food
              • Foodservice Equipment
              • Décor and Furnishings
              • Lighting and Sound
              • Technology/POS
              • Music/Video/Entertainment Programming
              • Security and Insurance
              • Cleaning and Maintenance
              • Financial Services
              • Apparel
              • Marketing and Promotions
              • Media Apps
              • Cannabis-Infused Products
              • & more!