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              Increase Interactions with New Customers

              Now that you’ve reserved your booth space, let your current and future customers know how important it is that they attend World Tea Conference & Expo too! The exhibitor toolkit below is loaded with everything needed to spread the word including promotional copy, logos, banner ads, hashtags, and more.

              Exhibitor Toolkit

              Want traffic to your booth? Want more leads and sales? You’ve got to do more than just sit in your booth!  It’s never too early to start including the World Tea Conference & Expo logo to your website, print pieces, signatures, newsletters and more.

              Exhibitor Announcements
              Send press releases to Aaron Kiel ([email protected]) to be posted on worldteanews.com highlighting new products or services you’ll be displaying and launching at the show.

              Social Media
              Follow @Worldteaexpo on Instagram and Facebook! Use the official hashtag #worldteaexpo21 when promoting your presence and be sure to add your booth number, show dates and location to your bio.

              Below are a few posts to help get you started!

              • Meet us at World Tea Expo and discover what's new in the #tea industry June 28-30, 2021 in Las Vegas, NV. We'll be in booth XXX. #worldteaexpo21 @worldteaexpo
              • Get a jump start on the future of tea trends and innovation at World Tea Expo taking place June 28-30, 2021 in Las Vegas, NV! We’ll be in booth XXX! #worldteaexpo21 @worldteaexpo
              • Shop new products to help recover profits at World Tea Expo June 28-30, 2021 in Las Vegas, NV! We'll be in booth XXX! #worldteaexpo21 @worldteaexpo 

              Want a branded World Tea Conference & Expo social graphic with your logo?
              Email Michelle Osborne, [email protected] and request today!

              Event Logos
              Download the official logo here to post on your website, newsletters, email signature, and print pieces. Additional versions coming soon!

              Banner Ads
              Post on your website, newsletters and email communications! Coming soon.

              Event Description
              The most important event of the year for the tea industry heads to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA June 28-30, 2021!  Attend World Tea Conference & Expo to discover what's new in the market, learn from leading experts on topics that are most important to your business, network with your peers and reopen to new possibilities. Learn more and register today at www.mdjrcw.com.cn

              Event Listing
              World Tea Conference & Expo
              June 28-30, 2021
              Expo Dates: June 29-30
              Las Vegas Convention Center
              Las Vegas, NV, USA